25 May 2006

rainy day - yeah!

Just thought I would throw up some pics here. One of my bluebird from ceramics - I think he turned out so cute. He's going to grandma as a belated mother's day present. Now I am going to make myself a chickadee. Nothing else is really new. We met with our caterer yesterday to finalize the menu - everything looks so yummy. She gave us a great recipe for lemonade also - we made it last night and it is so good. Fresh lemons, sugar, ginger ale, and water - mmmmm. Here's one more pic of some furniture I bought at an estate sale last week-end. I had never been to an estate sale, it was a lot of fun. I got this danish furniture, the guy said that one chair was worth about 400 bucks (don't know if I really believe him or not . . .). But I got two of these chairs, two little endtables, and a lamp for 125 dollars. I thought it was a great deal, and the chairs are really comfy and 50's style groovy. I tried looking things up on-line, but can't really find a chair like this. If anyone out there knows anything about it, let me know! And it's finally raining here! Yeah!

11 May 2006

long and winding road

Well, I decided that I should probably update, even though there's not a lot to say. I have decided to give up on the job search for the summer - too much going on in the next few months anyways. We are finally getting married - I guess that's the big news. So, I have been busy using my craftiness to make stuff for that. I am even making my own dress (with a little help!) - nothing fancy, not even white. Just a simple sundress. There will probably be people there dressed better than me! We are trying to keep it very simple, and so far, I think we are doing a pretty good job. Tomorrow we meet with our caterer - that will probably be our largest expense. She makes everything from scratch, uses organic and local ingredients whenever possible, and she also makes cakes, and is a minister to boot. What more could you ask for? My neighbor and I have begun a serious workout program - it's been a lot of fun. My legs are sore after hiking up excavated hillsides yesterday in suburbia. We saw a window on a house that was really cool, then saw the same window (and basically the same house) over and over again. How pointless - to buy a house to make it your own, and it looks just like others down the road. We did get to see a handful of deer however, they were very suspicious of us. . .wonder why?

17 April 2006

relax your fingers

You all may uncross your fingers now! I just accepted my first teaching job! Yeah! I just have to be approved by the board of education tonight, but I think that is just a formality. I will be signing my life away in a contract this week, kind of scary. This all went soooo quick, they actually called me the afternoon of my interview to basically offer me the job. I was on an emotional roller coaster for a few days there, but now have come back down to earth. Now we might have to get our butts in gear to plan a wedding this summer, especially if we are going to be living apart for a while. It will be nice to finally start doing what I have been working so hard towards, and to be doing it at a place where I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in the door. I get to teach all sorts of classes that are going to be great too - child development and parenting, consumerism, intro foods, family relationships, and (the one I'm most excited about) housing and interior design! It feels kind of strange that I accepted this job without really waiting for any other districts to even interview me, but it just felt so right. I am ready for change, I think we are ready for change. Now the apartment search and packing/organizing begins.

On another note, it was great to catch up with old friends last week. They have a funky house (with a hot tub), a sweet puppy, and are very generous hosts. (I should have had that fortune cookie!) The good thing is that I will be seeing a lot more of them in the future. Thanks again for everything you guys, and I will be seeing you soon!

10 April 2006


Yeah! I have my first interview for a "real" job on Thursday! It is really exciting. Since it is about 4-5 hours from here, I also get to spend the night at an old friend's house who I haven't seen in years. Hopefully I will be able to get some sleep! I also got word from another district that they want me to send in the application, transcript, and letters of rec. So the ball is rolling. B said I am "bothersomely nervous" - I like that word (if it's even a word!). Fun to say. Other than that, not much else new. No lines on any summer jobs. I am just in limbo with not much money and a lot of time. I did sub in a kindergarten last week. It was absolutely crazy. Wasn't really prepared for kids crying, telling on each other, running around . . . I have a whole new respect for those teachers. I came home just exhausted! I now know why I think teaching high school is for me. Have started up in ceramics again - should get to see if my canisters will turn out tomorrow. I used some funky paint that faded to nothing when it was fired. What's the point of that?? Anyways, here's my green frog. Ain't he cute?

17 March 2006

fingers crossed

Well, I have been job application craazzzy lately. Have sent out two applications for "real" jobs for the fall - both look really good, so hopefully one will come through. If anyone reads this blog, keep your fingers crossed for me! Also applied at a daycare for the summer and two restaurants. I might even get to be trained as a cook if I get the job at the new restaurant. I've always wanted to be a waitress - kind of corny, huh? I just think it would be fun to meet and interact with so many people. It was strange to walk into the daycare and go through the kitchen - seeing some lady hacking away at raw chicken - blech. Maybe I wouldn't be such a good cook afterall . . . Anyway, it was a snowy week around here - the schools had 2 snow days in one week, and there was even a county around here that completely closed down due to huge snowdrifts. Wish I had some pics to share with you, maybe we'll get schlacked again soon. I was going to put up a pic of the green ceramic frog I painted, but realized that my other half took the camera with him on his excursion this week-end. Oh well, you will see it soon. Happy St. Pat's day to all! Be green! p.s. It was an Alabama cow for those of you who were wondering . . .

12 March 2006

increased testing

Just a very short post today - came across this in the news today in relation to a possible new case of mad cow discovered in the U.S. Of course, they won't tell us where, only that more testing is going to be done. But not to worry, according to this story "In response to the first case, the Agriculture Department increased its level of testing for the disease. As of Friday, 644,603 of the nation’s estimated 95 million head of cattle had been tested." I feel so much safer now knowing that the U.S. tests just about 2/3 of 1% of it's cattle. Mooooo . . . Check out the OCA link for more scary info

23 February 2006

long time coming

Ok, we'll see how this blogging thing goes for me. I know I won't be as witty as my counterpart, but who really is? So it's a time of change - I have finally graduated - yeah! Only took about an extra month after I was really done (but what's one more month on top of just over 13 years anyways). So, now that I am an actual teacher, I decided this pic would be good to put on for my first post. Don't really know what this blog will turn into as it evolves, just random thoughts about life, pics of my latest crafty creations, who knows. The first thought I have is that the only good thing that has come out of the wonderful policy espoused on the chalkboard is that at least now there is only suppossed to be qualified teachers in the classroom. Thanks W. You sure made my life a lot more tedious over the last few years. Today was a relaxing day of painting ceramics, maybe I will get to bring something home next week. Knitting in the round for the first time and loving it - hopefully the felting process will work out well. I'll keep ya posted.