23 February 2006

long time coming

Ok, we'll see how this blogging thing goes for me. I know I won't be as witty as my counterpart, but who really is? So it's a time of change - I have finally graduated - yeah! Only took about an extra month after I was really done (but what's one more month on top of just over 13 years anyways). So, now that I am an actual teacher, I decided this pic would be good to put on for my first post. Don't really know what this blog will turn into as it evolves, just random thoughts about life, pics of my latest crafty creations, who knows. The first thought I have is that the only good thing that has come out of the wonderful policy espoused on the chalkboard is that at least now there is only suppossed to be qualified teachers in the classroom. Thanks W. You sure made my life a lot more tedious over the last few years. Today was a relaxing day of painting ceramics, maybe I will get to bring something home next week. Knitting in the round for the first time and loving it - hopefully the felting process will work out well. I'll keep ya posted.