17 March 2006

fingers crossed

Well, I have been job application craazzzy lately. Have sent out two applications for "real" jobs for the fall - both look really good, so hopefully one will come through. If anyone reads this blog, keep your fingers crossed for me! Also applied at a daycare for the summer and two restaurants. I might even get to be trained as a cook if I get the job at the new restaurant. I've always wanted to be a waitress - kind of corny, huh? I just think it would be fun to meet and interact with so many people. It was strange to walk into the daycare and go through the kitchen - seeing some lady hacking away at raw chicken - blech. Maybe I wouldn't be such a good cook afterall . . . Anyway, it was a snowy week around here - the schools had 2 snow days in one week, and there was even a county around here that completely closed down due to huge snowdrifts. Wish I had some pics to share with you, maybe we'll get schlacked again soon. I was going to put up a pic of the green ceramic frog I painted, but realized that my other half took the camera with him on his excursion this week-end. Oh well, you will see it soon. Happy St. Pat's day to all! Be green! p.s. It was an Alabama cow for those of you who were wondering . . .

12 March 2006

increased testing

Just a very short post today - came across this in the news today in relation to a possible new case of mad cow discovered in the U.S. Of course, they won't tell us where, only that more testing is going to be done. But not to worry, according to this story "In response to the first case, the Agriculture Department increased its level of testing for the disease. As of Friday, 644,603 of the nation’s estimated 95 million head of cattle had been tested." I feel so much safer now knowing that the U.S. tests just about 2/3 of 1% of it's cattle. Mooooo . . . Check out the OCA link for more scary info