17 March 2006

fingers crossed

Well, I have been job application craazzzy lately. Have sent out two applications for "real" jobs for the fall - both look really good, so hopefully one will come through. If anyone reads this blog, keep your fingers crossed for me! Also applied at a daycare for the summer and two restaurants. I might even get to be trained as a cook if I get the job at the new restaurant. I've always wanted to be a waitress - kind of corny, huh? I just think it would be fun to meet and interact with so many people. It was strange to walk into the daycare and go through the kitchen - seeing some lady hacking away at raw chicken - blech. Maybe I wouldn't be such a good cook afterall . . . Anyway, it was a snowy week around here - the schools had 2 snow days in one week, and there was even a county around here that completely closed down due to huge snowdrifts. Wish I had some pics to share with you, maybe we'll get schlacked again soon. I was going to put up a pic of the green ceramic frog I painted, but realized that my other half took the camera with him on his excursion this week-end. Oh well, you will see it soon. Happy St. Pat's day to all! Be green! p.s. It was an Alabama cow for those of you who were wondering . . .


  • Hey Kim! I know you told me about this place like 3 years ago, but I just now looked at it. So if you keep writing in it I'll try to remember to come back again. Good luck with your waitressizing!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:37 PM  

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