10 April 2006


Yeah! I have my first interview for a "real" job on Thursday! It is really exciting. Since it is about 4-5 hours from here, I also get to spend the night at an old friend's house who I haven't seen in years. Hopefully I will be able to get some sleep! I also got word from another district that they want me to send in the application, transcript, and letters of rec. So the ball is rolling. B said I am "bothersomely nervous" - I like that word (if it's even a word!). Fun to say. Other than that, not much else new. No lines on any summer jobs. I am just in limbo with not much money and a lot of time. I did sub in a kindergarten last week. It was absolutely crazy. Wasn't really prepared for kids crying, telling on each other, running around . . . I have a whole new respect for those teachers. I came home just exhausted! I now know why I think teaching high school is for me. Have started up in ceramics again - should get to see if my canisters will turn out tomorrow. I used some funky paint that faded to nothing when it was fired. What's the point of that?? Anyways, here's my green frog. Ain't he cute?


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