11 May 2006

long and winding road

Well, I decided that I should probably update, even though there's not a lot to say. I have decided to give up on the job search for the summer - too much going on in the next few months anyways. We are finally getting married - I guess that's the big news. So, I have been busy using my craftiness to make stuff for that. I am even making my own dress (with a little help!) - nothing fancy, not even white. Just a simple sundress. There will probably be people there dressed better than me! We are trying to keep it very simple, and so far, I think we are doing a pretty good job. Tomorrow we meet with our caterer - that will probably be our largest expense. She makes everything from scratch, uses organic and local ingredients whenever possible, and she also makes cakes, and is a minister to boot. What more could you ask for? My neighbor and I have begun a serious workout program - it's been a lot of fun. My legs are sore after hiking up excavated hillsides yesterday in suburbia. We saw a window on a house that was really cool, then saw the same window (and basically the same house) over and over again. How pointless - to buy a house to make it your own, and it looks just like others down the road. We did get to see a handful of deer however, they were very suspicious of us. . .wonder why?


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