25 May 2006

rainy day - yeah!

Just thought I would throw up some pics here. One of my bluebird from ceramics - I think he turned out so cute. He's going to grandma as a belated mother's day present. Now I am going to make myself a chickadee. Nothing else is really new. We met with our caterer yesterday to finalize the menu - everything looks so yummy. She gave us a great recipe for lemonade also - we made it last night and it is so good. Fresh lemons, sugar, ginger ale, and water - mmmmm. Here's one more pic of some furniture I bought at an estate sale last week-end. I had never been to an estate sale, it was a lot of fun. I got this danish furniture, the guy said that one chair was worth about 400 bucks (don't know if I really believe him or not . . .). But I got two of these chairs, two little endtables, and a lamp for 125 dollars. I thought it was a great deal, and the chairs are really comfy and 50's style groovy. I tried looking things up on-line, but can't really find a chair like this. If anyone out there knows anything about it, let me know! And it's finally raining here! Yeah!


  • hmm. could be a Lane, but those are usually marked as such fairly legibly underneath.

    By Blogger Junip, at 7:49 PM  

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